Our stay at The Legoland Hotel Windsor

Summer 2018 was definitely one to remember, and one of the reasons for this was our stay in the Legoland Hotel Windsor.

My friend Hannah and I decided to take the kids to the Legoland Hotel as a surprise over the summer holidays. Keeping this a secret was hard as all we wanted to do was tell the kids what we had planned but seeing their faces when we turned into the hotel car park instead of driving by to the normal day car park was priceless. With four kids between us (Hannah has three children and I have my son Emerson) you can imagine how excited the car got all of a sudden. They still couldn’t quite believe they were staying in the hotel until we walked under the dragon guarded entrance and welcomed in by a very friendly gentleman into the hotel’s lobby. Walking into the lobby you are transported to a Lego fans dream. With a Lego figure wall behind the reception desk, Lego characters handing from the ceiling and a Lego pit that the kids jumped straight into, this place gets your straight into Lego holiday mode.

Emerson was so excited to see all the Kingdom themed details

Check in was swift with the very friendly reception staff and before we knew it we were handing our cases in to the concierge desk and heading to the lift.

Encountering the full themed lift for the first time was great for our kids. As we walked in the lift a voice come from the speaker saying little quotes making our four laugh and keeping the magic going. On the way out to the park you walk through the main entertainment area and past the main Bricks Restaurant, out the doors, past the outdoor play area and into the park.

The children’s sleeping area

After a few hours in the park the kids could not wait any longer and to get into the rooms so we decided to go to our rooms to see if our surprise was what we had hoped it would be. After another trip in the lift we got to our floor, four very excited children and two nervous mothers came to our floor. We were staying in a land of the Kingdom and once you walked out of the lift Emerson and Hannah’s three children were so surprised and excited to see Lego knight statues, thrones and fully themed corridors to walk down to our rooms.

As we walked through our door we walked into a fully themed room full of so many details from a colorful wall in the children’s sleeping area, a Lego crown on the bathroom wall and even Lego characters on the wall in the adults sleeping area of the room.

The adult’s sleeping area

The children’s sleeping area is the most decorated area of the room. With an activity wall across from their bunk bed housing a Lego mouse king statue, cube game and their own TV. Each of the beds has its own night light on the wall with its switch next to it so the children can control it themselves.

There is also a wooden chest with a Lego frog statue sitting on top of it and shut with a coded lock (more on this later). Between the children’s sleeping area and the adult’s sleeping area is the bathroom, this is nice sized and again the room theme is carried on in here too. The adults sleeping area has a lovely double bed, table area and its own TV. It is more of a grown-ups knights theme in this part of the room, making the children’s area a little more magical for them.

Cracking the code

Our bags were in our room thanks to the concierge service and Emerson spotted the box of Lego to play with and a scavenger hunt. As you can imagine he wanted to get on with the hunt straight away. Emerson had to search around the room finding different items on the carpet, walls and solve the cube game in the children’s sleeping area filling in the answers to create a code and this was the code he needed to open the wooden chest. He popped in the code and opened the chest to reveal his prize, a mini Lego set. He was given a Lego pug and fire hydrant to take home with him. This is such a lovely idea from the hotel as the excitement in this hotel just doesn’t stop. We made Emerson’s Lego pug and he ran down the corridor to our friend’s room to discover they had a scavenger hunt in their room too and a pug each waiting in their chest. I have to say me and Hannah were so happy we had brought them to this hotel, you cannot put a price on the excitement of our children and what they experiencing.

We had booked a table at The Bricks Restaurant for 6pm knowing our little ones would be starving by then. Emerson is a fussy eater and I am always a little nervous when we eat out, never knowing if he would actually eat anything in there at all. I had no worries with this restaurant! There was so much choice he kept going back for more! The full themed restaurant is well and truly set up for children. With their own food station in the center of the food area full of different options, the kids didn’t know where to start! I have to say the Lego brick waffles made me smile, the kids loved having eatable Lego brinks on their plates. The adult options were great too! Again with so many different options to choose from me and Hannah didn’t know where to start and we went back for seconds, the food was beautiful! After the kids ate their fill, they attacked the deserts. Emerson opted for the ice-cream station, vanilla ice-cream with chocolate sprinkles and chocolate sauce, his favorite! I honestly couldn’t have been happier right now.

The view of the hotel across the lake

After dinner it was still light outside so Hannah and I bought a drink from the bar and sat outside while the kids enjoyed the outdoor play area. The entertainment inside had started and looked like all the children inside looked like they were enjoying it but ours were not interested in that and with the PlayStation area full we headed down in the lift to the downstairs bar and entertainment area. It was so much quieter here. There was a smaller PlayStation room, a room with Lego block pits you could jump into, another bar and a cinema room that playing The Lego Batman Movie. We caught the last half of the movie, built some creations in the Lego pit room and then with four very tired children it was off to bed. It was one quiet night’s sleep. With all the excitement of the day Emerson was out for the count so I had a lovely long soak in the bath and then headed to bed. Bliss!

What a welcome after you have been in the park all day

In the morning we met our friends and headed back down to the restaurant again for breakfast were there was an array of breakfast options. Again all six of us ate our fill and headed back to the rooms to pack. We had booked our swimming hour slot so we would get our pool time and still have time to get changed and get our bags before check out.

Lego chefs in the Bricks Restaurant

The pool area had enough to keep our children very happy for the hour. There is a small pool where you can swim if you wish, but our four loved the interactive pool area. With two small water slides, water cannons and sprinklers to play in they had a whale of a time. It is defiantly worth using your hour in the pool you get with your stay. It brings another element in and who doesn’t like a play in the water, especially in the summer. During our stay the only time we had upset children was when we told them it was time to leave our rooms. All four of them had loved staying in the Kingdom themed rooms and Emerson told me that it was the best hotel he had ever stayed it. He absolutely loved staying in The Legoland Hotel and I will defiantly be bringing him back again.