The new Lego City 4D Officer In Pursuit!

Today we got to experience the new Lego City 4D Office In Pursuit film in the Legoland Windsor cinema located in the imagination section of the park. If you haven’t experienced this yet I highly recommend you go and see it.

As you walk in the cinema you are handed your 3D glasses and asked to take a seat. With the 4D aspect of the film you do get wet during it. You don’t get drenched but you do get sprayed with water a few times throughout the film. This really adds to the experience but if you don’t want to get wet you can sit on the edge of the cinema and the water will miss you.

Once the film starts, straight away you are straight into the 3D Lego world. I heard a lot of gasps from the audience around us and the children were trying to either hide or grab the items ‘flying’ at them. The 3D affect was fantastic and you really did feel like you could just reach out and touch the characters and ‘hot dogs’.

The film itself is a very fast paced and as you can tell from the title, it is about an officer pursuing a criminal throughout Lego City. With lots of twists and turns we follow the officer throughout his pursuit and experience when he gets wet, flies, gets ‘bubbled’ and even get to experience the heat from real flames (don’t worry we are completely safe, we are nowhere near the flams that only last for a second). The lighting inside the cinema also plays in the 4D experience.

We giggled and gasped throughout and everyone looked like they enjoyed it. I would highly recommend seeing this while you are visiting the park. We loved it!

The film is on during different times during the day so check out when it is on as there are a few films showing throughout. The park recommends getting in the queue 15 minuets before the film starts and I would strongly agree with this, the queue got quite long when we were waiting to on in.