Splash Landings water park at Alton Towers

The Splash Landings Hotel sign

On Saturday 15th June we visited the Alton Towers Splash Landings Water Park. The water park is located in the colorful Caribbean themed Splash Landings hotel. I had read that it was best to book our tickets and I am glad we did. When we arrived there was quite a queue to get into the water park but because I had downloaded our tickets on my phone we could just go straight to the turnstiles, scan our tickets and get straight in.

Once your through the turnstiles you enter the large communal changing area. They have made loads of changing cubicles for singles and families. It was busy when we arrived but we did get straight into a family changing cubicle that was certainly large enough for the three of us. Our cubical had a bench and a small fold down baby changer. They have also put in plenty of lockers to put your clothes and bags in while your enjoying yourself in the water. The lockers take a 20p coin and you do get this back once you have finished with them.

All quiet once the water park had closed

When we were changed and our bags safely locked away we headed into the water park. The word “WOW!” came out of my 7 year old. We didn’t even know where to start. When you first walk in you are welcomed by the main pool area with a huge broken water hydrant spurting water up in the air! To the right was Little Leak, a children’s play pool designed for the youngest visitors. To the left there is the interactive Wacky Waterworks Tree House, and this is were we headed to first. Emerson was so excited!! With loads of different interactive areas including wheels that released different water functions, water cannons, buckets to pour water on people, ropes you can pull, and the best part of this amazing pipe tree house was the huge bucket that pores out 1,000 liters of water on anyone standing under it. If you listen carefully you can hear the ticking just before warning you that this is coming. It was so funny watching everyone race to get under the huge splash! I have to admit we were part of that rush a few times! We loved it!

Once we could finally pull Emerson away form the Wacky Waterworks we took a ride in the lazy river. We couldn’t stop laughing as the water swept us around, taking us under buckets of pouring water and water falls and taking us through jets of water coming up from under us. There are some rubber rings for people to use if you can get your hands on one, but if you can’t its still fun to go around. Everyone in there looked like they were having such a great time.

After a few times around the lazy river we headed through a waterfall entrance into Lagoona Bay. We loved how there was a large basket ball hoop and some blow up balls in the Bay. We spent some time splashing around in this main pool and trying to score some hoops. After a while the three of us began to get hungry so decided to try out the cafe that was in the water park.

The outdoors Tropical Pool and seating area

We grabbed a towel each from our locker and headed back into the water park and into the cafe. When we arrived in there we had a few options to choose from. They had sandwiches, fruit,bottles of water and pop (and alcohol if you fancied a beer with your lunch) in the fridge as part of the kids meal deals, they also had hot options of burgers, chicken strips and half a jacket potato. There were burger, chicken strips, jacket potatoes and hotdog meals for adults too with hot and cold drink options. Me and Emerson had the chicken strips meal and Tom had the hotdog meal. There was so much food, none of us could finish them. We were lucky and got seating in the cafe, but if you can’t get a table inside there is plenty of seating just outside or around the edge of the main Lagoona Bay pool.

After eating lunch we headed towards Flash Floods, these are the outdoor water flumes. When we walked up the stairs and went outside into the first pool we had to decide which of the two slides we wanted to go down, once down the first flume and into the next pool we had three other flumes to choose from to slide down into the main outdoor Tropical Pool at the bottom. We must have spent nearly an hour on these. This was by far out favorite part of the whole Splash Landings.

Next to the Tropical Pool sits the Bubbly Wubbly pool where we sat in the bubbly warm water to relax after many slides down Flash Floods. Heading back into the indoor part of the water park we wanted a pit stop and a drink so tried out the little coffee shop that sold hot and cold drinks, ice cream milkshakes and slush’s, waffles, ice cream and other snacks. This is located next to Little Leak. It was just what we needed to stay hydrated and have 5 minuets before heading back into the water.

Emerson absolutely LOVED splash landings!

We didn’t venture into Little Leak as Emerson is too old for this part of the park. The colorful paddling pool had a slide and interactive play areas. It did look really good for younger children.

After another trip on the Lazy River and play around on Wacky Waterworks we were well and truly shattered. We didn’t get to try out Volcano Springs or the Master Blaster and Rush ‘N’ Rampage indoor water slides, but that was because we were having too much fun on everything else!

We really had a fantastic day and so much fun at the Splash Landings water park and we will certainly be going again. If you have children who love water I highly recommend trying this water park out! It has a bit of everything, but before you go do check out the parent to child ratio https://www.altontowers.com/activities/waterpark/ . They have restrictions just like all the water parks we have been too, after all our children’s safety does comes first. As the water park is open all year round I think we will be giving it another visit during the winter season when the theme parks are closed.