Smashers Epic Dino Egg!

Smashers have brought out the amazing Epic Dino Egg! I have to admit when I was told Emerson was going to be sent the this new toy I wasn’t sure what to think. I honestly had no idea what would be in it or what it would be like, but I have to say we had so much fun with this Epic Egg!

Emerson couldn’t wait to get into this huge plastic egg! Once he had ‘smashed’ open the shell, you come to the Egg Yolk. After getting into this you realize that there is quite a bit inside for children to play with. Emerson was excited to get started with it all.

Inside the egg yolk was a Scratch n Find Map, a Digging Tool and Smash Egg Rebuilder (this is really handy later on!), 6 Mini Smash Eggs, Dino Glowing Slime beg, Ice Age Putty egg, a Fossil Rock, a Fizzy Lava Volcano and a bag of Dino Dirt Sand.

The Scratch n Find map showed us how to find the pieces we needed to build our own Smash-O-Saur! Emerson was a little to excited to get into his activities to follow the map, but we did find all the pieces. He was so happy when he found his find dinosaur bones.

Emerson couldn’t wait to get his hands on the mini smash eggs and find out what was waiting inside them for him. He loved how he could smash these eggs open to revile the surprise dino character. After he had got his 6 Surprise Characters form their eggs he wanted to get into his Fossil Rock.

finding out his digging tool that came in the Epic Egg, Emerson started hammering at the Fossil Rock. It tuck a little while of hacking at the rock before he got to the first dinosaur bones inside. He face was such a picture. I could not believe how excited Emerson was when he came across this bones, it was so lovely to see my son having such a good time! He couldn’t wait to find all the others.

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I have to admit i was so glad we had decided to do the fossil rock outside. It really is an authentic fossil rock, dust included. Emerson absolutely loved it!

Next up for Emerson was the Ice Age Putty egg. Cracking into this egg reveled a bag of blue putty with glitter and snow flakes in it, and of course, more dino bones. Emerson couldn’t wait to get his hands into this blue concoction. the slightly sticky blue putty was covering a few more of the dinosaur bones he needed to build his Smash-O-Saur and he could not wait to get them out.

After expertly retrieving the dino bones and playing with the putty for a while Emerson moved on to the Dino Dirt!The Dino Dirt bag opened and reveled yellow magic sand and a few more pieces to the Smash-O-Saur puzzle. Emerson loved playing with the sand, but could not wait to get his hands on the next bag form the Mega Egg!

Emerson adores slime! All of Emerson’s friends adore slime! Smile is loves by more children I know. This was Emerson’s favorite bag form the Epic Egg! Glowing Slime! HE could not wait to get his hands into it, pulling the dino bones form the green gowiness.

When I could finally pull Emerson away form the Glowing Smile! it was Fizzy Lava Volcano time! This went down very well with my 7 year old. The volcano burst into an orange fizz turning the water into an orange pool and reveling the last of the dinosaur bones Emerson needed to create his his beast.

We collected all the bones and got out the instructions on how to build the Smash-O-Saur.

Connecting the bones together one piece at a time, slowly Emerson’s beast was coming together. He was so happy that after digging, searching and fizzing through each activity, now all the pieces were coming together.

His Smash-O-Saur had come to life. My boy had his own dinosaur skeleton that he wanted to put in his room and show with pride.

After over an hour of fun with the Epic Dino Egg we both had some great memories that I will cherish, and Emerson had bags of slime, sand and putty he will play with over and over again, and not to forget his epic creation he excavated and built on his own (maybe with a tiny bit of help form his mother).

Now, not to forget those 6 Mini Smasher Eggs! The Smash Egg Rebuilder that came in the Epic Egg comes in handy. You can rebuild these mini eggs over and over and over again. Once you get the knack to this you do get faster, it helps if your son doesn’t mixed all the egg shells together (my little monkey!)

All in all we had a fantastic time with the Epic Dino Egg. Emerson was raving about it to his dad when he got in from work (and so was I!). I certainly wont be just walking by these in the toy shops again.