Mummy Adventure Days (My M.A.D Blog) is a Leicestershire based travel and lifestyle blog with a special focus on the subject of family friendly days out, activities and travel.

Hi there! I’m Gemma, a mum, wife, blogger, You Tuber, writer, photographer, business owner and lover of being out and about with my family. After becoming a mum in 2011 to my gorgeous son Emerson, I have been trying to find as many “family friendly” outings as I can. On New Years Eve 2018, while at one of our favorite destinations I decided to start Mummy Adventure Days (my M.A.D blog) on Instagram to document all of our family adventures, I then turned this into a blog to share our outings and hopefully give some inspiration to others looking for amazing family days.

I’m a little obsessed with being out and about, be it in a theme park, riding our bikes, trying new activities, exploring new places etc and I love writing about our latest adventures. I am hoping this blog will be a destination for parents and carers wanting to find ideas for family friendly outings and I am hoping to inspire you to enjoy the best family days. I know how precious time with my family is and I want to make as many lasting memories as I can and enjoy the time I have with my son while he is still young. I hope you enjoy our adventures and they inspire you to enjoy your own.

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